Building a Foundation for Frictionless Financial Operations is Key: Accounting is Just Not Enough

Design and expertise are key to getting the complete financial and operational reports you need on time.

If your team is still using Excel to report operational or even financial information, take two minutes to read our blog and understand why you should be adopting new frictionless trends.

Let’s Talk:

  • It’s time to go “Frictionless” and learn how other companies are using these new trends to their advantage
  • You don’t need to rely on spread sheets to bridge the gap
  • If you don’t have the right design and expertise, you’re not achieving the efficiency and productivity you need

Fast Facts:

  1. Companies are benefiting from new frictionless design, integration and master process and data management
  2. Starting with the end in mind results in a design that automates and streamlines your back office
  3. Using the right financial operations design allows information to flow automatically onto dashboards and reports

If your company didn’t start off with the right design to streamline your Financial Operations, then you could be lacking the right combination of accounting, operations and software skills that your team needs to…[Email readers, continue here]…avoid relying on spreadsheets.

We are accountants, with years of public and private accounting experience. We understand that the right design can leverage accounting as the system of record, and that capturing multi-dimensional financial statements and operational data at the source is critical. This frictionless approach allows the right information to flow onto your dashboards and reports without your team playing spreadsheet twister to get the information together.

Starting with the end in mind – such as reports and dashboards – results in a design that completely automates and streamlines your back-office Financial Operations the right way for your business. To get the reports you need, understand your goal before designing a solution.

It’s also essential to have the right combination of accounting, operations and software team to implement the processes and products and to guide your people to success.  Most companies are still using Excel and poorly integrated systems because they don’t have the skills to integrate and automate. That is why outsourced fractional expertise can successfully fill the gaps without spreadsheets.

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About Catalyst180

Catalyst180 provides outsourced managed services to Software, High-tech and Professional Services companies. These companies are driven by growth, complexity or compliance and need an advanced cloud accounting solution to automate and streamline their back-office. Our clients look to us to transform their small and medium businesses to optimize efficiency and flexibility as a catalyst for transformation and growth.

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